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Plus+ General - Email design
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Your emails need personality, create it here! 👱


For example, The Perfect Recovery and The Perfect Review send emails to your customers. Of course you want these emails to be in your house style, because it is part of your webshop! To arrange this, we have created the general design settings.



Logo settings, of course this speaks for itself. Upload your logo with a size of 300 x 90 pixels .
You can increase the alignment around the logo , so that there is more white space .



Under the heading branding you can change the default colors of your mail . Think of the general background color , the background color of the content of the mail, the border color and the color of the footer in the mailing.


Social media, not unimportant in this era. Set the links to your social media here .

social icons

Social media set up? Nice! With this setting you can change the style of the icon and its colors . Which icons match your corporate identity?

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