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Stripcard status
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In the overview below you will find all statuses that are assigned to busticket tasks. Are certain statuses not completely clear? Be sure to let us know!


🚀 Yes! Your request has been sent successfully. This will be assessed by a specialist as soon as possible.

Waiting for approval

👍Your application has been assessed and the number of hours has been estimated. You can approve or reject the hour indication.


✅ Whoops! You agree with the estimated hours. Your task will be scheduled and the delivery date will follow.


🗓️ Scheduled. We're going to get started. Do you have any questions? Anything else come to mind? Then click on the task and add it. Too easy!

Work in progress

😎Woop! The magic has started and you will be notified when your customization is ready to test!


✔️Check. done. The task is delivered and ready to be tested by you. Tested? Then the ball is in your court again: ✅ Agree / ❎ Not yet agreed .

Not (yet) agreed

🧐 Pass on your feedback in the task and your specialist will pick it up. Your changes will be processed and V2 will be ready for you.

go live

💯Everything exactly as you envisioned it? Or even better? Beautiful! Ready to go live! We implement the customization and you will be notified when it is live.

Turned down

🙅🏾‍♂️No go! You rejected our hours indication. No problem. Do you have any questions or comments about the task, or do you want to say something? Then click on the task and fire away.


❌The job has been canceled, may happen. Any hours debited will be neatly added back + on your strippenkaart credit.


✅📈 1% better every day! Your task has been completed and is live in your webshop. And remember: ' Don't compete with your competitors. Make them irrelevant '.

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