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Plus+ Dashboard
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One dashboard for our total range of Lightspeed apps, custom add-ons, Support & knowledge

​Visitors & Conversion πŸ“Š


View your statistics at a glance, boost your knowledge about the status of your webshop! ⚑
Press the hamburgermenuto export your statistics, this can be in .png, .svg or .csv file. πŸ“ˆ


​Daily statistics πŸ“ˆ


What's happening in your webshop today? View all stats for today in this element. Are you doing well? Suit up , because with Plus+ your conversion will go to the moon! πŸš€
​Quick stats πŸ“Š


More information about your webshop, how many checkouts have been triggered , how many have been completed and what is the conversion of this ?
​Recovery emailson? Of course you can also see these statistics here! πŸ’ͺ🏽
​Top products πŸ“¦


Of course your products are the crème de la crème of the market. How do they perform?
Your daily best-selling products in 1 overview ! Let the money flow! πŸ’°
​Strip cards 🏷️


​You are unique , because you have a unique wish for your webshop.
If you have custom requests running through the strip card panel , you can quickly view the status of your requests here! πŸ“₯
​Tickets πŸ”–


​Plus+ is service, Plus+ is love, Plus+ is life. πŸ’–
Questions about your webshop, app, custom add-on or general questionsyou can send it to us via the ticket system .
​Updates about these tickets can be found immediately in your dashboard, you are quickly informed about the status of your request or request! πŸ’‘

Updates & New Features


​You wake up, turn on the computer and grab a nice cup of coffee. β˜•
" Just read the news " you think to yourself. This is exactly what you can find here! The latest news and updates about Plus+ !

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