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The Perfect Checkout
The Perfect Checkout - Settings
The Perfect Checkout - Settings
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Set up your sales, set up your checkout, boost your conversion! πŸš€


In order to allow customers to make perfect use of your checkout , you must of course set it up properly . We can adjust some settings per step . Are you ready to personalize it? I do. Let's go! πŸ§‘β€πŸ”§

General πŸ”§


Check this option if you want the receipt/product overview (on the right) to always be displayed expanded . Uncheck this if you want this receipt folded . Visitors can then decide for themselves whether they want to show the products or not.

Step 1: Login πŸ‘₯


Design & Social logins are the settings you can choose here.
do you go aheadV1 or V2? πŸ€”
V1 focuses on creating an account, V2 focuses on moving quickly without an account.

Social media is very popular , make it easy for your customer to log in . His entered data from Facebook or Google are immediately put in the checkout. This makes it possible for the customer to fly through the checkout even faster! πŸ›«

Step 2: Details πŸ“‘


Did the customer choose to continue without an account in step 1 ? He/she may still change his mind when filling in the information . Enable this option to still give the customer the option to create an account. βœ…

Step 3: Shipping πŸ“¦


Are you a provider with many shipping methods? Then this option may be useful. This option allows you to display a "CallToAction"(CTA) button with "continue" on the selected shipping method. This of course saves scrolling! πŸ–±οΈ

Step 4: Payment πŸͺ™


Perhaps the most important step, the customer has arrived . He's going to pay.
Here we have some options to boost a payment method and proceed faster. πŸ’³

If you have many payment methods , the option extra CTA button can also be useful here, just like the previous step with shipping. πŸ†—

Do you want to show the standard texts? These texts are shotby your payment provider . We think this is unnecessary , so we advise you to turn it off . ❎

With the " Most chosen payment method " you can encourage a customer to make a payment via this payment method . The option below you can select the payment method by typing the title. Let the customers pay via your preferred payment method! πŸ’Ά

Step 5: Overview πŸ”Ž


Almost there, almost that sale! πŸ’°
This is the last step in the checkout , here the customer will see an overview of his data, products, payment methods etc. He is 1 step away from the purchase . Reassure the customer by activating or deactivating some extra options here.

🏦 Show price in the checkout button: Do you want to show the total price in the checkout button? Activate this option.
🏦 Show extra checkout button on mobile: Always a visible checkout button on mobile, activate it here!
🏦 Show field for comments: Do you want the customer to add a comment to the order? Then activate this option.
🏦 Show company details:Do you want to show your phone number & email address in the overview? This of course gives more confidence. Make sure that the translations are entered correctly. Check the translations in the documentation for this!
🏦 Newsletter opt-in: Enable this if you want the newsletter opt-in to be checked by default, so that you get even more newsletter subscriptions. Newsletter subscription is added to marketing in your Lightspeed backend.

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