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The Perfect Review - Settings
The Perfect Review - Settings
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A good, sympathetic review is always a wonderful surprise. 🎁

With The Perfect Review you can of course determine when and how often a review invitation should be sent. Does this come with every order ? Or only with the first order . You know what is best for your target audience . πŸ‘₯

Notifications πŸ””


"ding ding" , you've got mail! βœ‰οΈ
With this setting you can choose when and whether a customer receives an invitation.

Switch? πŸ”›


Send an invitation ? Check this box to activate The Perfect Review!
Send reminder ? Check this box to send reminders if the review hasn't been completed yet.

When to send invitations? πŸ“―


When do you want to send the invitations? Does this have to be done after every order ? Or only with the customer 's first order ? πŸ“…
After how many days should the customer receive the first invitation? And when should he get a reminder ? These settings can all be found here! 🧾

Email settings πŸ”§


Would you like to receive an email when a review has been submitted? Of course you want that ! πŸ˜ƒ
Enable this option as soon as possible to switch quickly! Because that way you can approve the reviews even faster ! βœ…

Star Icon ⭐


You've got some stars ! What could be more fun about personalizing your " stars "? 🌟
Enter the color code for your stars here or use the clickable " color square " to select your color!

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