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Hip shop owner, get the insta feed going! You are number

Of course you would have to set up your instagram feed for it to work on your site. You are already very much with the times, so this should be a piece of cake for you. Let's roll through the steps. πŸ›Ή

Preview πŸ–₯️


Hey there influencer, you're looking good! 😍
See here the preview of your Instagram Feed as it will be displayed on your webshop.

Settings πŸ”§


You want to show your feed in the webshop? place this code in your webshop to show the feed.
For example, place it at Content -> Pages -> Homepage .


Click on the <> icon , the following screen would open.


Paste your code here , the feed should now be visible on your webshop! βœ…
Note: Make sure the homepage page is visible, also in the design settings (depending on your theme)



Do you have the theme editor active ? Then you can also place it directly in the source code .
No knowledge of basic HTML? Then we advise against this!

Need help? Don't hesitate, send in a ticket and we'll make sure the feed becomes visible on your webshop!

Settings - continued πŸ”§


πŸ”§ Share button: Can your posts be shared? Enable it here
πŸ”§ Hover effect: Ooh, fancy. Want an effect over your photos when you hover your mouse over the post?
πŸ”§ I want a slideshow: Give a nice show, let the photos scroll automatically.
πŸ”§ Layout/Layout Mobile: What should the layout look like? Set them up like this: Columns x rows.
πŸ”§ White space : How much white space should there be between your photos?


πŸ”§ Grant access button: Link your instagram account, do it here! So that the gnomes can pick up your photos. πŸ„
πŸ”§ Instagram Feed Title:Do you want to show a title above your instagram feed? Set it up here. Don't forget to activate the slider!

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