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Setting up the Facebook Conversions API
Setting up the Facebook Conversions API
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Obtaining an access token
You need an access token to use the Facebook Conversions API. You can generate this yourself via Event Management (Events Manager).
For this you have to go through a number of small steps.

Step 2:
Select the relevant Pixel.
This will most likely be the pixel you entered in Lightspeed under Settings> Web Stats. This must remain active in Lightspeed.
Note: Sometimes you may have to select your company profile in the left navigation.

Step 3:
Select the tab: Settings

Step 4:
Scroll to the Conversions API section and click the Generate Access Token link under Manual Setup.

Step 5:
Copy the Access Token and paste it in the field above.
NOTE: The Generate Access Token link is only visible to users with administrative rights or developer rights for the company. The link is hidden from other users.

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