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Facebook Conversions API Troubleshooting
Facebook Conversions API Troubleshooting
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Help! I'm getting error messages from events in Facebook's Conversions API!
How can I solve this?

In most cases you will get errors if the API is not configured properly. Fortunately, you can solve these error messages yourself and easily!

Note: Make sure that your access token matches the access token in the Conversion API app and that you have disabled the Facebook Pixel within Lightspeed itself!

1) Go to the Pixel settings within your Facebook event manager.

2) Click get started under "Conversions API"

3) Verify that all events are selected image

4) This is the most important step of the process, make sure all events are selected. Verify that these events are also accepted by the Conversions API app.

Note: The parameters of the events must match within the Facebook settings and the Conversions API app settings!
​All events are documented in the Conversions API app.

5) Press save

Your Facebook Conversions API pixel now contains all supported events.

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