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The Perfect Recovery
The Perfect Recovery - Dashboard overview
The Perfect Recovery - Dashboard overview
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Abandoned checkouts, that's annoying. Get those sales back with The Perfect Recovery! πŸ“ˆ

Nothing is more annoying than an abandoned shopping cart in your webshop, customers have been in the checkout process but somehow they changed their mind at the last minute .
With The Perfect Recovery we can stimulate this again into a new sale ! πŸ“Š

Realized sales πŸ’Έ


Checkout , the abandoned checkout has been recovered ! Your recovery mail has worked. After receiving the email from The Perfect Recovery, the customer still made the purchase! πŸŽ‰
You can find the total turnover realized by The Perfect Recovery here! πŸ€‘

Number of orders πŸ”’


How many ordersdid you eventually recover? Here you can see the number of orders realized by the Abandoned Checkout emails . πŸ“¨

Conversion πŸ’―


Did you also hear what the conversion asked for? It said, " Fly me to the moon. " πŸŒ•
All right, let's do that . Watch the conversion rise to the top with The Perfect Recovery.
In this element you can see the conversion of the successful Recovery carts! " Ka-ching! " πŸ’Ά

Sent emails βœ‰οΈ


Of course you want to know how many abandoned emails have been sent, the number of emails sent can be found here! πŸ“€

Opened emails πŸ“­


Check, check, double check! βœ…
See here the number of recovery emails opened by the customer, useful to know! πŸ’­

Clicked πŸ–±οΈ


How many times was ' Back to cart 'clicked? See the numbers here! ↩️

Overview of recovery emails πŸ”Ž


Curious about all abandoned shopping carts, which amounts belong to them, whether the emails and reminders have been sent, what the recovery status is and what amount you can recover? Then view the overview.

Email & Reminder statuses:
🟒 Email/Reminder has been sent!
🟑 Email/Reminder has not yet been sent.

Recovery statuses:
🟒 Checkout, the abandoned shopping cart has been settled!
πŸ”΄ The abandoned shopping cart has not ( yet ) been paid for.

Change email addresses
Hey that's great, a customer has registered for the product, but you see that the email address is not correct (or your customer has passed it on), that's less nice. Fortunately, with The Perfect Recovery you can easily change the email addresses manually!
Click on the hamburger menu of your registration and click on 'Email address change':


Enter the desired e-mail address and click on 'Save'

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