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The Perfect Review - Dashboard explanation
The Perfect Review - Dashboard explanation
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You're A-MA-ZING! Your products deserve love! Let's get them rated. ⭐


With The Perfect Review you can direct your customers to post a product review on their purchased product. Your products are top notch and deserve ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.
Encourage your customers to write a product review with The Perfect Review .

Average product rating


Wow, your customers are loyal! They are satisfied with their products and leave reviews. How do your products perform? In this overview you can see your average product ratings , how many invitations have been sent, opened and failed (not placed after an invitation) per week.

Invitations sent, opened and clicked 📨


Sales are going well, products are flying over the (imaginary) counter . The Perfect Review ensures that all customers receive an email to post a review . But how many invitations have been sent now ? How many customers have opened the email ? And how many customers have actually pressed the button/write a review button ?
All statistics can be found here, including indication compared to the previous period.

New negative, positive and total reviews


At a glance your direct statistics for the number of product reviews. How many new positive reviews do you have? How many negative reviews ? And what is the total number of reviews ? How are your products doing?

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