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Postcode API, never returns due to incorrect addresses! πŸ“¦

With the API link of you ensure that your order never contains incorrect addresses again . With this link a validation is done with every address entry . This would check whether the address actually exists . The customer only has to enter a zip code + house number and the address would be loaded automatically! Easy right? 😊

πŸ“¦ Status: Allows you to enable the API
πŸ“¦ Key:
Enter the API key you received from
πŸ“¦ Secret:
Enter the secret key from your dashboard of
πŸ“¦ International addresses: Do
you ship internationally? The addresses are even validated internationally! Enable the supporting countries here!
Don't have a Key & Secret Key yet? We can request and set these up for you.
Contact us via ticket and we will arrange it for you! That's how we are. πŸ˜‡

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