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The Perfect Checkout
The Perfect Checkout - Dashboard
The Perfect Checkout - Dashboard
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The Perfect Checkout is the app for a higher conversion in your checkout funnel. With 50+ optimizations for more sales πŸ’Έ


Take your checkout to an unprecedented high level with The Perfect Checkout!
More orders, fewer leavers = more turnover . With Plus+ & The Perfect Checkout you are one step ahead of your competitors! πŸ’ͺ🏽

Total, Rounded & Conversion βœ… We like


numbers. You too?
In this overview you can immediately see the statistics of your checkout!
How many checkouts have been initiated? You can see this under " Total ". πŸ”„
How many checkouts have been completed? You can see this under " Completed " 🏁
What is the total conversion? The most important figure in your dashboard, you can see this under "Conversion "

Abandonment per checkout step ❌


Oops. Shopping cart abandoners, you don't want that! What's going wrong now? Is your shipping too expensive, or does the customer find it complicated to leave certain information because fields are mandatory?
In this overview you can see at which step the customers leave your checkout . ↩️
Don't worry! With The Perfect Recovery you can still persuade these leavers to make a purchase! πŸ’°

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