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Theme Switch: Section 13: Text
Theme Switch: Section 13: Text
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Section Height
Select the height of this section here.
Choice of: Small, Medium, Large.

Color palette
Select the color palette you want to use here. Color palettes can be adjusted at Visual -> Color palette

Align text
How should the content be aligned?
Choice of: Left, center, right

Title size, Title size 2
Determine the size of the titles here
Heading 1 to heading 4

Title, Title 2
Enter the title of the section here

Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2
Enter the text of the section here

Button text 1, Button text 2
Enter the text of the buttons here

Button url 1, Button url 2,
Enter the url of the buttons here, where should the customer be directed when he clicks on the button?


Which media should be featured here?
Choice of: Show image, Show video, None.

Show overlay on the image
Should an overlay be activated on the image? Then enable this option.

Upload an image here.

Video url
Place the video url here, you can upload the video at tools. Copy the link and paste it here.

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