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Button shape
Set the shape of the buttons here, do you want clean edges, rounded corners or a pill shape?
Rounded: Rounded corners.
Square: square.
Pill: Pill form.

Button style
Select the style of your buttons, filled background or just an outline here?
Solid Regular: filled buttons with normal text thickness.
Solid Bold: filled buttons with thick text thickness.
Outline regular: Buttons are not filled, just an outline. Normal text thickness.
Outline bold: Buttons are not filled, just an outline. Thick text thickness.

Button style on hover
Which style should the button indicate when you hover over it with the mouse?
Darken: the color is made slightly darker.
Invert: The style is reversed, for example the background becomes empty and the outline becomes visible. The text becomes the color of the button.

Button size
Set the button size.
Normal button
Large button

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