Show full title
Activate this option if you want to use the "Long title".

Sticky sidebar
Does the sidebar (with add to cart) have to move while scrolling? Then activate this option.

Show short description
Activate to show a small description next to the product. This is the "description" of the product.

Variant display
How do you want to display the variants?
Choice of:
- Dropdown: Like the image above, a dropdown will be displayed.
- Listview: Handy for B2B or bulk orders, all variants are displayed one below the other and can be quickly placed in the shopping cart.
- Lightspeed default: Use the standard variants option of lightspeed.

Show price behind variant
Activate this option if you want to show the prices behind the variants.
This option is only useful if the variant display is set to "Dropdown with variant image".

Show fire
Activate if the brand should be displayed on the product page.

Stock display
How do you want the stock to be displayed?
Choice of:
- Show stock: Only show "In stock" and "Out of stock"
- Show stock with amount: Show the stock including the quantities.
- Hide stock: Hide the stock on the product page

Show delivery time
Enable to show the delivery times of products on the product page.

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