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Theme Repos: Announcement bar
Theme Repos: Announcement bar
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Announcement bar

You use this bar for your unique message. Do you want to announce the SALE, temporarily offer the shipping costs for free or do you have other nice news, use the top bar for a short powerful message!


On or off

You can always turn the bar on or off.

Show announcement bar on:

Here you can choose where to display the bar. For instance:

  • Only on desktop homepage

  • Only on desktop

  • Only on mobile

  • Only on mobile home page

The color of the bar

Choose a background color that stands out, but fits well with the rest of the design.

The color of the text

Keeping legibility in mind, choose a light color for the text when the background color is very dark, and vice versa.

The message

Write a short, powerful text to entice visitors!

Show Call To Action in right top of announcement Bar

Here you can choose to show your store's phone number or email address. We extract this from your company data. You do not need to enter anything further.

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