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Theme Repos: Hero image
Theme Repos: Hero image
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Hero image

A fantastic entrance for your visitors. The hero image. Set it up as you see fit.


Activate the hero image

Boost your webshop with an ultimate hero. Turn it on or off.

Upload image

Upload an image that is at least 1200 pixels wide. The height is at least 700 pixels. You can upload the image as big as you want. Lightspeed processes these perfectly these days. Theme Repos supports the new Lightspeed 5K images.

Image position

A great classic way to position your images. In brief:

- Determine where the focus is on your image (e.g. a face)
- Select that position from the drop-down list (e.g. top left)
- Watch what happens.

The image remains focused (responsive) at that point. The face remains in view.

Let's say there is a person in your image and his/her face is in the top left position of your image. Then select 'top left'. That way you never lose focus in your hero image.

Hero image mobile

An option to upload the hero image for mobile in a different (mobile) format. Dimensions: 415 x 600 pixels (average)


Hero image subtitle and title

Basic: enter your subtitle and your title. Don't have a subtitle? Leave it open.

Text position

Choose between left, center, right.

Hero image text

This is the text under the title.

First link text, second link text, first link and second link

These are text links in your hero image. You can use:

- A link
- Two links
- No links

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