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Theme Repos: Homepage settings
Theme Repos: Homepage settings
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Home page settings

In addition to the sections, there are also a number of other homepage settings:


Show homepage featured products (extra)

as you have seen with the sections, you can show products there by placing the last part of the URL. Lightspeed also has the 'featured products'. You can fill this in at 'design' - products front page'.

Here you can choose under which section you show them:


So if you want to show the featured products under the hero, choose 'under the hero'.

Show featured title

The featured products (see above) normally have a title. Choose here whether you want to show it or not.

Show homepage content

A text on your homepage to tell your story. Do you want this? Of course you can. Enter this text at 'content' - pages - homepage. You can make what you want out of this. We will then show it on the homepage.

Show brands on home page

Do you want to show your brands on the homepage? Then turn this option on.

Show blog posts on the homepage

The same goes for the blog posts here.

Change the order of these default Lightspeed features (above)

We have added an option where you can change the order of the above mentioned functionalities. Decide for yourself what you like.



If you want to add (show) locations to your homepage, turn them on here. You can add locations of your store here.

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