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Theme Repos: Homepage SECTIONS: options
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Section 1 On/Off

This ensures that you see or do not see the section on your homepage. The next section below the section will be displayed first.

Section layout

The best option within the package: change your content layout.

  • You upload your content for the section

  • Then you can easily adjust the section to another layout with 1 click (1,2,3,4,5)

  • Have fun!

Mirror section

The section is flipped with this function. So it is mirrored horizontally.


First you upload your image; the image size does not matter.

Make sure that the images have good proportions to the layout you choose per section. You learn this automatically. We do not provide image sizes, as we do not work with sizes in this theme.

Image position

A great classic way to position your images. In brief:

- Determine where the focus is on your image (e.g. a face)
- Select that position from the drop-down list (e.g. top left)
- Watch what happens.

The image remains focused (responsive) at that point. The face remains in view.

Let's say there is a person in your image and his/her face is in the top left position of your image. Then select 'top left'. That way you never lose focus in your hero image.

Dark overlay

Sometimes your image is a little too light. Apply a layer over this. Transparent dark layer will be added over your image.

Subtitle, title, text

Each section is provided with a subtitle, a title and text. Use layouts to see how you are going to organize this per section.

First and second link text and links

Each section has two text links as buttons. These are the section's call to actions.

Text background

Sometimes the text is visible on an image. Decide if you want a background for this text. The background color is determined by 'general color - light / dark'.

Show products

Determine here whether you want to show products in this section. Note: not possible with section 4 and 5.

Grab this part of your product's URL:


You can easily copy and paste this here:

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