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Theme Repos: Homepage sections: What can I do with sections?
Theme Repos: Homepage sections: What can I do with sections?
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What can I do with a section?

You can easily turn your homepage section on or off. You can use all common functions that you are used to in Lightspeed, only the best thing about our sections is:

  • You can change the layout in any other section. That would mean; Suppose you have completely filled section 1 and the section is set to 'layout 1', but you might want to display it differently. Then you simply choose 1 of the other four layouts and you can get started with it. This makes each section unique.

  • You can mirror your sections (mirror section). This flips the entire section horizontally.

  • You can play with 1 or 2 images and see what happens

  • You can show or not show products (this depends on the layout)

In short: you can go all out with your content and layouts. Have fun!

Here are 10 examples of the same content in 5 different sections (and 5 mirrored).

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