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Theme Repos: Product page options
Theme Repos: Product page options
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Product page settings

The product page doesn't really need a description. There is a lot of settings, especially the 'not' and 'yes' showing all common things and three special points:


Show 'Instant checkout' button

A button that links directly to the checkout. So you skip the shopping cart overview step with this button. Super fast conversion.

Show variant blocks or a dropdown for variants

Show your variants as 'buttons', or as a dropdown. Choose your preference.

Show locations

This shows your locations, as a nice extra. You can turn this on or off. Only relevant if you've added locations.

Extras via 'Extra template data'

Add tags:

Data01: #de6638,YOU PREFER

The first is the color code of the label (HEX code) and then you use a comma, THEN THE TEXT YOU WANT TO SHOW.

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