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Theme Repos: Header images
Theme Repos: Header images
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Header images

Personalize your webshop! Theme Repos has a beautiful layout for all your images, if you have one. We show these in the header. See left here. You can upload them all here for all pages in Lightspeed:

  • About us

  • Service page

  • Text page (default)

  • Shopping cart page

  • Blog overview page

  • Brands page

  • Collection page

  • Catalog page


Make sure you keep these proportions and upload a good quality (150 kb - 250 kb):

Tip: Use the program: to optimize your images.

Two more options:

Dark overlay images

Do you want a dark layer over your images? Then turn it on. This creates a nice contrast with your text that falls over the images.

Omitting these images

You can also choose not to show these images. It will then be a standard view, without these images.

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