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Theme Repos: Locations
Theme Repos: Locations
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You have a brick store (or several) and you want to show it on your webshop. This can be done as follows:

Go to 'Products', 'Categories' and add a category. Call these 'Locations' (you can then translate these at translations). Then set this category to 'overview' at the bottom of the page. (when displayed).

Okay, it's created. Now you can start adding the locations. You also add this as a 'category'.

Click on 'add category', and give it the name of your location, for example: Popup store 1.

Enter your short title, your long title, and at description enter the data of this location separated by a comma.

Klokgebouw 195, 5617AB Eindhoven, +31 (0)85 303 5 399, [email protected].

We will then display these neatly below each other.

Make sure you set the location category itself to 'overview'. That way, the content you add to the category will show up nicely!

Done! You can add as many locations as you want.

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