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Theme Repos: Instagram feed
Theme Repos: Instagram feed
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Instagram feed

First; fill in the base of this section:

  • Subtitle

  • Title

  • Link text

  • URL / Link

Instagram UserID:

Go to:

And enter your username. You now get your ID, copy and paste it at User-ID.

Generate an access token:

Instagram Client ID:

Login to your Instagram account and go to

  1. Go to 'Manage Clients'

  2. Click on 'Register new Client'

  3. Fill in your details now:

  • Application name: Give the feed a name. For example: feed for webshop (look carefully at the policy)

  • Description: Enter the description of your feed, for example: A feed for webshop X

  • Company Name: Enter your company name

  • Website URL: Enter the URL of your webshop (with https:// in front)

  • Valid redirect URis: Enter the URL of the service page of your Lightspeed webshop. That's your URL with this after it: /service/

  • Privacy Policy URL: Enter the URL of your Lightspeed shop's Privacy Policy page. That's your URL with /service/privacy-policy/ after it.

  • Contact Email: Enter a contact Email address

Click Register

Paste this Client ID to Client ID.

Done. :)

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