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Theme Performance: Own Text labels
Theme Performance: Own Text labels
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Add your own text labels to products

Yes. a much requested functionality, which makes it easier to quickly give visitors just the information about a product they want to see in 1 storage. In addition to SALE and NEW, it is sometimes nice to show extra information in a label. You can provide your own text label with your own color and your own text.

Make sure Extra Template Data is enabled in the backend.
You do this by going to Settings > Workflow.

If you have done this, an extra block will be activated for each product with Extra Template Data 01, 02 and 03.
We use Extra Template Data 01 for our own text labels.

To determine the color, first enter a color. This must be done by means of a HEX color value.
(TIP Here you can easily find what value you need:
Enter the HEX value including # and put a comma after the value “,”
Then type the text you want to show in the label.

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